A detailed program will be available soon.


Preliminary list of invited speaker sessions/lectures:

Presidential address
Ranee Thakar, United Kingdom
Ulf Ulmsten lecture - Leadership and organizational development
Suzie Bailey, United Kingdom
Innovation panel
  • What is needed for true innovation in urogynecology?

  • Is the business case to invest in urogynecology good enough?
    Rakesh Tailor, United Kingdom

  • How do physicians protect their position in product development?

  • Decisions of private equity to invest in a product or not?
    John Kastelein, The Netherlands

  • Is regulation frustrating the innovation cycle or not? 

What will we hear most about in the coming decade

  • Tissue engineering
    Jan-Paul Roovers, The Netherlands

  • Stem cell therapy
    Bertha Chen, USA

  • Genomics

Sexuality and the pelvic floor
Rossella Nappi, Italy
ICS lecture - Intrinsic sphincter dysfunction: Lessons learnt
David Castro Diaz, Spain
Parallel session - Confounded by pain - I thought I was dealing with OAB
  • Pelvic Floor Hypertony
    Rhonda Kotarinos, USA

  • Pain, CNS crosstalk, Mental Illnesses, Bowel and urinary irritable symptoms
    Mauro Cervigni, Italy (ESSIC speaker)

  • Clustering phenotype
    Cindy Amundsen, MD, USA

  • Management of pain modalities, nerve blockage, pharmacology, neurolepticals, pelvic pain specialist
Access to care in the developing world
Aparna Hegde, India
Point-counterpoint: The uterus is an innocent organ and should not be removed at the time of prolapse surgery
Pro: Hugo van Eijndhoven, The Netherlands
Con: Natarajan Rajamaheswari, India
Point-counterpoint: Caesarean section is the best and safest mode of delivery to prevent anal incontinence
Pro: Robert Freeman, United Kingdom
Con: Abdul Sultan, United Kingdom
Point-counterpoint: Sling insertion at the time of prolapse surgery is the best way to treat concomitant incontinence
Pro: Marinus van der Ploeg, The Netherlands
Con: Anna Rosamilia, Australia
Point-counterpoint: Urodynamics before incontinence surgery is necessary
Pro: Dudley Robinson, United Kingdom
Con: Sanne van Leijsen, The Netherlands
Point-counterpoint: Pelvic floor muscle exercises should be mandatory before surgery
Pro: Baerbel Junginger, Germany
Con: Rhonda Kotarinos, USA
Balloon debate: Laparoscopic vs robotic vs vaginal surgery: The best route for Vault prolapse surgery
Vaginal: Peter Dwyer, Australia
Robotic Bary O'Reilly, Ireland