IUGA 48th Annual Meeting: June 21-24, 2023, The Hague / The Netherlands

Abstract Sessions

Friday, September 4, 2020
03:15 p.m. - 03:35 p.m.
E-poster session 4 - Imaging and anorectal disorders
Moderator: Dakalo Muavha (South Africa)
Evaluation of the Anopress anal manometry device in women with Obstetric anal sphincter injuries (#199)
Speaker: Lakshmi Godbole (United Kingdom)
Comparison of two questionnaires, e-PAQ vs ODS-S, for the diagnosis of obstructive defecation syndrome during pregnancy and following delivery (#200)
Speaker: Joanne Sentance (United Kingdom)
Effect of posterior colpo-perineorrhaphy on bowel symptoms in women with low grade intussusception (#201)
Speaker: Naimah Raza (United Kingdom)
Association between urinary incontinence and presence and severity of fecal incontinence (#202)
Speaker: Marcus Ortega (USA)
Intra- and inter-observer reliability of perineal body volume measurements with 3-dimensional transperineal ultrasound (#203)
Speaker: Asad Rahim (United Kingdom)
Automating the identification of the plane of minimal hiatal dimensions on three-dimensional transperineal ultrasound: first results (#204)
Speaker: Martijn Wagemans (The Netherlands)
Pelvic pain is common among women with bladder and bowel symptoms (#205)
Speaker: Ophelia Millar (United Kingdom)
Imaging characteristics of episiotomy scars on translabial ultrasound (#206)
Speaker: Nishamini Subramaniam (Australia)
Sphincter muscle activity after vaginal delivery (#207)
Speaker: Laura Racene (Latvia)
How can the pregnancy itself damage the female pelvic floor - MRI based study (#208)
Speaker: Michal Krcmar (Czech Republic)
03:15 p.m. - 03:35 p.m.
E-poster session 5 - Voiding dysfunction, basic science and sexual function
Moderator: Wilbert Spaans (The Netherlands)
Childhood sexual abuse is a risk factor for post-partum pelvic floor symptoms through the mediation of birth-induced post-traumatic stress disorder (#209)
Speaker: Roni Tomashev-Dinkovitch (Israel)
Inter-evaluator reliability and validity of the Dualpex PLUS device in women with urinary incontinence (#210)
Speaker: Elizabeth Ferreira (Brazil)
Superficial perineal muscle injury and postpartum dyspareunia (#211)
Speaker: Margarita Manresa (Spain)
Vaginal agenesis and vaginal dilatation: an individualized approach using 3D printer molds (#212)
Speaker: Marair Gracio Sartori (Brasil)
Cystometry filling sensation volumes decrease and pressures increase in association with the grade of bladder outflow obstruction (#213)
Speaker: Peter Rosier (The Netherlands)
Preclinical evaluation of decellularized tilapia fish skin to repair fascial defects: a pilot study in rats (#214)
Speaker: Leonardo Bezerra (Brazil)
Providing toilets is not enough to prevent adolescent voiding dysfunctions: the limitations of “Clean India” initiative (#215)
Speaker: Amita Jain (India)
03:15 p.m. - 03:55 p.m.
Short oral session 3 - Surgical complications
Moderator: Luiz Gustavo Brito (Brazil)
Complications after midurethral slings. Rates of reoperation and analysis of associated risk factors (#065)
Speaker: Agustina Vendramini (Argentina)
The impact of a previous cesarean section on the risk of peri- and post-operative complications during vaginal hysterectomy (#066)
Speaker: Adi Weintraub (Israel)
Management of pudendal nerve entrapment after sacrospinous ligament fixation for apical prolapse (#068)
Speaker: Charlotte Nuboer (The Netherlands)
Pelvic floor symptoms after laparoscopic versus abdominal radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer (#069)
Speaker: Sha Wang (China)
Effectiveness and safety of vaginal native tissue repair for anterior compartment prolapse (#070)
Speaker: Athasit Kijmanawat (Thailand)
Is tape location and configuration associated with complications? (#071)
Speaker: Nicola Adanna Okeahialam (United Kingdom)
03:15 p.m. - 03:55 p.m.
Short oral session 4 - Overactive bladder
Moderator: Vivian Aguilar (USA)
What is the holdup? Patient thoughts on progressing to 3rd line therapy for treatment of overactive bladder (#073)
Speaker: Shilpa Iyer (USA)
Is the addition of vaginal electrical stimulation to transcutaneous tibial nerve electrical stimulation more effective for overactive bladder treatment? A randomized controlled trial (#075)
Speaker: Fernanda Giarreta (Brazil)
Prolapse and OAB symptoms, what should be treated first? Analysis of 475 surgical cases (#076)
Speaker: María Gabriela Alarcón (Chile)
Side effects of overactive bladder treatment such as dry eye or de novo conjunctivitis according to ophthalmologic history (#077)
Speaker: Barbara Padilla-Fernandez (Spain)
03:15 p.m. - 03:55 p.m.
Long oral session 3 - Basic science
Moderator: Marianna Alperin (USA)
Vaginal Er:YAG laser application in the menopausal ewe model: a randomized estrogen and sham controlled trial (#020)
Speaker: Katerina Mackova (Belgium)
Characteristics of the urinary proteome in women with overactive bladder syndrome (#021)
Speaker: Marianne Koch (Austria)
Study of the biological properties of a human acelullar dermal matrix (hADM) implanted in a rabbit vaginal and abdominal model (#022)
Speaker: Marta Peró Garcia (Spain)
Hysterectomy improves biomechanical conditions of weak and impairs relatively strong pelvic floor (#023)
Speaker: Vladimir Egorov (USA)


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