IUGA 48th Annual Meeting: June 21-24, 2023, The Hague / The Netherlands

Abstract Sessions

Sunday, August 30, 2020
03:15 p.m. - 03:35 p.m.
E-poster session 3 - Pelvic floor disorders: assessment
Moderator: Jerome Melon (New Zealand)
Diagnostic value and comparison of ring pessary trial and urodynamics for occult stress urinary incontinence in pelvic organ prolapse (#189)
Speaker: Rajesh Kumari (India)
Does Prolapse affect incontinence: First line investigations revisited (#190)
Speaker: Ilias Liapis (United Kingdom)
Value of urodynamics in identifying and management of occult urinary incontinence; ten years experience (#192)
Speaker: Cenk Yasa (Turkey)
Could the pelvic floor function affect young women's balance? Preliminary results (#193)
Speaker: Miriam Zanetti (Brazil)
Nocturia – bothersome to patients and clinicians (#194)
Speaker: Philip Toozs-Hobson (United Kingdom)
Is urethral closure pressure associated with delivery mode? (#196)
Speaker: Ka Lai Shek (Australia)
Apical prolapse assessment under controlled pressure with a dynamometer after anesthesia (#197)
Speaker: Leonardo Bezerra (Brazil)
Clinical assessment of pelvic organ prolapse on coughing (#198)
Speaker: Stefaan Pacquee (Australia)
03:15 p.m. - 03:50 p.m.
Short oral session 5 - Pain and pelvic organ prolapse: surgical management
Moderator: Fred Milani (The Netherlands)
The effect of local anesthesia on postoperative pain in vaginal hysterectomy: a randomized controlled trial (#078)
Speaker: Ohad Gluck (Israel)
Subgroups of failure after surgery for pelvic organ prolapse and their association with outcomes: a longitudinal cluster analysis (#079)
Speaker: J. Eric Jelovsek (USA)
The impact of levator ani muscle macro trauma and contraction on anatomy and symptoms after prolapse surgery (#080)
Speaker: Maria Øyasæter Nyhus (Norway)
Laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy versus vaginal sacrospinous fixation for vaginal vault prolapse. A multicenter prospective cohort study (#081)
Speaker: Anique van Oudheusden (The Netherlands)
A multicenter cohort study on pessary or surgery for symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse: patient global impression of improvement (PGI-I) at 12 months follow-up (#082)
Speaker: Lisa van der Vaart (The Netherlands)
Midterm effect of pudendal nerve decompression surgery in patient with pudendal neuralgia (#083)
Speaker: Jaromir Masata (Czech Republic)
03:15 p.m. - 03:55 p.m.
Short oral session 1 - Basic science
Moderator: Maria Bortolini (Brazil)
Evaluating bactericidal properties of cranberry derived proanthocyanidins (PAC) (#051)
Speaker: Shailja Mehta (USA)
Beneficial effect of bletilla striata extract solution on zymosan-induced interstitial cystitis in rat (#052)
Speaker: Yi-Hao Lin (Taiwan)
Expression of mechano growth factor in refractory OAB (#053)
Speaker: Bernardette Lemmon (United Kingdom)
Foreign body response to cell based degradable nanomeshes in small and large animal models for pelvic organ prolapse treatment (#055)
Speaker: Shayanti Mukherjee (Australia)
Effect of CO2 laser therapy on epithelial thickness and vaginal stiffness in a post-menopausal animal model for GSM: the Ewe (#056)
Speaker: Eva Vodegel (The Netherlands)
Overexpression of bFGF promotes the differentiation of stem cells into fibroblast cells (#057)
Speaker: Xiaotong Wu (China)


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