Tips and tricks for a successful virtual presentation



  • We recommend that you use a separate (USB) microphone to record your session. You will get the best results with a dedicated condenser microphone, g. the AT2020USB+.
  • Although less suitable for the job: if you decide to use your headset or build-in microphone, make sure you test it and speak into the direction of the microphone receiv
  • Mute your phone/mic when you are not speaking - in order to maintain a high signal to-noise ratio



  • We recommend using an external webcam/camera.
  • if you’re using your laptop’s integrated camera, it can be difficult to get the angle right. If this is the case, try stacking it on some books and or boxes to achieve the ideal angle.
  • Make sure you can see your slides and still look right into the camera.
  • Make sure your camera is at eye level.
  • Make frequent eye contact with the camera.


Internet connection

  • Make sure you have a stable and wired internet connection.


Location and Presentation Area

  • Make sure that you are in an isolated quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.
  • Make sure your background is clean and free of noisy and/or moving objects (clocks, ventilators, etc.).
  • We advise to use a solid background wall or any background that does not distract your watchers.
  • Make sure you avoid harsh light from above or from behind your face. Look for soft, diffused lighting and face toward it.
  • At an in-person meeting you present standing most of the time, this also works well at a virtual meeting, but keep in mind you need to stay in the camera frame.
  • If you prefer sitting instead of standing, it is highly recommended that you do not sit in a high-backed chair that is visible to the camera.



  • Declare any relevant links to industry or other conflicts of interest before beginning your presentation. You need to have a disclosure slide in the beginning of your presentation.
  • Please use the 16/9 format for your slides.
  • Dress like you would do while presenting at an in-person meeting.
  • Keep body movements to a minimum. It can be distracting on the video and it can also cause side noise (such as a squeaky chair).
  • Prepare some drinking water
  • Avoid eating or chewing gum.
  • Don't interrupt other speakers. Unlike an in-person meeting, talking over each other is not decipherable. Speak slowly and clearly. Hold your response to a question until the other person has completed their question
  • Turn off your phone and notifications on your computer to avoid distraction
  • Stay within presentation time (use noiseless clock or timer)