IUGA Virtual Meeting Platform

The platform used for the IUGA 45th Virtual Annual Meeting is “Bigmarker Virtual Event”.  The webcast engine used to broadcast the sessions is from Bigmarker itself too.

Bigmarker platform instructions

  • Before the virtual meeting it is important to review all of bigmarker system requirements and do a system check
  • If you are planning on attending from a school, large corporation, or religious institution,make sure you are not behind a Firewall, or open the necessary ports if you are.
  • Update your Web Browser, you need the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera. 
  • Test your speed: High-Speed Internet Connection: A consistent high-speed connection with speeds of 2 mbps+ is the very minimum requirement, but 15 mbps is optimum if you will be sharing your screen, video or presentation. Test your speed here. If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference.
  • wired connectionis required as it is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference. 
  • To increase your bandwidth, close all programs and applications not being used in your webinar (including cloud synchronization tools and messengers). 
  • Please watch the Bigmarker presenter tutorial. This tutorial includes detailed instructions for speakers and moderators.
  • Any issues with the system, please have a look at the troubleshooting for presenters
  • Do you have any questions about the system, please attend the Presenter Instruction Meeting with Bigmarker which is scheduled on August 18, 2020 from 3 pm – 6 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) - UTC/GMT +2 hour. You can access the meeting via: https://devinmackay.meetingspace.io/
  • Please note that during the virtual meeting there will always be an IUGA Staff Member present in the session as host who can assist if needed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Issues with your connection during the live session, please check your internet connection, close all other applications and refresh your browser.
  • ANY QUESTIONS/DOUBTS? PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US BY EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Polling – DEADLINE: AUGUST 15, 2020
It is possible to poll the audience and ask them questions during your presentation that they can/will answer instantly. If you would like to make use of this feature, please include a slide with those questions in your presentation and make them part of your presentation and, most importantly, let the IUGA office know that you want to use live polling so we can present them through the interactive polling feature. Deadline to send us this information is also August 15, 2020.


Hand-outs – DEADLINE: AUGUST 15, 2020
It is possible to share hand-outs and/or other materials (e.g. supporting documentation) with the audience of your session. If you have any hand-outs you want to share with the attendees, please send the files to the IUGA office by latest August 15, 2020. By submitting them to the IUGA Office, you guarantee that you have (obtained) the necessary copyright to share this with a larger audience.


The audience will be able to ask questions via the built-in Q&A function. It is up to the moderator to monitor the submitted questions via the Q&A function and publish them (make them visible to the entire audience) so they will be able to vote on the questions as well (upvoting). Some of the questions may be addressed during the live Q&A. It is also possible for moderators/speakers/host to answer questions directly via the Q&A function. Please note that the audience can only see the published questions. For detailed instructions please watch the: Bigmarker presenter tutorial.


IUGA will allow the audience to use the chat function as well. The chat function itself is not meant to to ask questions to the speakers as  they need and will be instructed to use the Q&A function for this (IUGA Staff/Session Admins will monitor chats). Via the chat function you can chat in different channels including the public channel. There will be a dedicated presenters channel which can be used for chats between the speakers and moderators. For detailed instructions please watch the: Bigmarker presenter tutorial.