IUGA 49th Annual Meeting: June 19-22, 2024, Singapore

About IUGA 49th Annual Meeting

The 2024 IUGA 49th Annual Meeting

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The IUGA 2024 49th Annual Meeting is the largest scientific event in urogynecology. Every year, professionals from all over the world gather to discuss the latest research, connect with their peers, and exchange insights on urogynecological advancements. After an extraordinary IUGA Annual Meeting experience in The Hague, The Netherlands, we’re transitioning from the flat land of windmills and bikes to the tropical land of futuristic architecture and the Merlion: Singapore. See you on June 19-22, 2024!



The 49th IUGA Annual Meeting owes its success to the dedicated committee members who have made significant contributions to the field of urogynecology. A heartfelt thank you to each member for leaving a lasting impact on this impactful event.

  • Dudley Robinson - Chair
  • Jan Deprest
  • Matthew Izett
  • Jason Lim Shau Khng
  • Roy Ng
  • Ivilina Pandeva
  • Fred Milani (Ex-officio - IUGA President 2024)
  • Ivilina Pandeva - Chair (United Kingdom)
  • Cornelia Betschart Meier (Switzerland)
  • Kazila Bhutia (Singapore)
  • Jorge Clavijo (Uruguay)
  • Ng Kai Kyn (Singapore)
  • Priyanka Krishnaswamy (UK)
  • Jerome Melon (Australia)
  • Zelalem Mengistu Gashaw (Ethiopia)
  • Pushpa Sachdev (Pakistan)
  • Stefano Salvatore (Italy)

IUGA Office

Vivian Gies, IUGA Meeting Director
Zaanweg 119A
1521DS Wormerveer
The Netherlands
+31 75 647 63 65